Winners Wall

Every once in awhile, we have a silly little contest, usually with a $25 prize. The contest have varied some were to pick winners of contest, some were to put a name to something, some were to make a guess as to the number of somethings. The real prize for the winner is to have their name become a part of our Winners’ Wall. Check out our winners below. If you want to be informed of our next contest just say yes by clicking on  Winners’ Wall.

 Contest #1  Wanda Sheets won our very first contest. Photos of all previous winners will join her on this wall. We offered a bottle of wine to the person that could name the artist to the song “Tumbling Tumbleweed”. To be completely honest, there were only two entries. Wanda being from the correct generation knew right off that the voice was that of Bing Crosby. The only other contestant was Stacy. Being from the wrong generation, he had no idea who was
singing. But using his very best technical skills and an internet source of information, he came up with Gene Autry. Needless to say, Wanda enjoyed her bottle of wine very much. As we remember, she even shared it with us.

 Contest #2  This contest was to put a caption to a photo of Sharon and her sister, Sandy, beside a roasted pig. Karen McAllister was the winner with her entry of: “Two Rares and a Well Done. Funny side note though. When I called Karen to inform her of her winning entry, she had no idea what I was talking about. It seems like her husband, Bob, had entered once for him and once for her. So congratulations Karen or Bob or whomever.


Contest #3a  To win contest 3a you had to name a short video. The video was showing Stacy teeing off at Stone Creek Golf Course. Just after he swings you can hear the ball hit into some trees. The winning entry submitted by Tom Curry  was, “I was going for a birdie.  I saw one in that tree !”




Contest #3b  The winner here needed to tell what Stacy was thinking when his ball careened into to trees. Bob Sullivan entered the winning thoughts. You might notice as you read on that this is not the only time Bob comes out as a winner. Oh by the way his winning entry was: “I didn’t know four guys carrying golf clubs could run so fast.”
Contest #4
 Across the green space from our home in Arizona, was an Organ Pipe Cactus that had grown out of control. The contest was to name that plant. Mike Sheets named it Bob after Bob Marley because it was so unruly and looked like Marley’s hair. The strange thing was that the very day we judged the contest was the day that workers came and trimmed the cactus.My closing comment was that now I do not know whether to call the cactus Bob or Bobbitt.

Contest #5  In Sun Lakes, Arizona, Deno and Cindy had this neighbor with such a hideous looking front yard filled with all kinds of ceramic figurines. There surely was at least three or maybe even four Snow Whites. The contest was to give a name to the yard. Once again Bob Sullivan came through with his winning entry of: “Dopey’s Domain”.


Contest #6  We really needed a name for our hot tub in Oregon, consequently came a contest that Shirley Jacobsen easily won. Her entry was: “Sip, Dip and Shrivel”.


Contest #7  It seemed like a good time for an “easy to guess an answer” contest. A contest where any and everyone could easily enter. Guess the number of pencils in a jar. Wouldn’t you know it ended in a tie? Our first contest where we got to use “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to determine a winner. Congratulations Jan Hopman for your winning entry. So sorry Matthew Sheets but there is no  ribbon for second place.

Contest # 8  This was one of our contest that included a sponsor to provide the $25 prize. Our sponsor for this contest wished to remain anonymous. The contest required a bit of creativity to put captions to a conversation between two dogs, Meagan and Kelly.

Roger won this creative contest with the following captions: “Hi Bud, What’s happening” Nothing much. I just got my tail caught in the drain.” “Hey Bud, with your tail stuck in the drain, Terry won’t be able to pull you out of the sink.” “Oh yes he will – it will just take him a lot longer.” The great thing about this contest was that Roger Capps, the winner of the contest, was also Roger Capps, the anonymous sponsor.



Contest #9  Our son Tim, and wife, Tami, got a new little puppy without a name. Thank you Jan Hopman for the name “Chocolate’ Amigo” or “Choco”.

Contest #10   Elaine Drakulich submitted the winning entry for this contest. She wrote, “My People Have Had Enough”. I was so proud to read all the entries that showed such respect for Chief Joseph. The contest was to tell what he was thinking as he surrendered.


Contest #11   Sharon and I had quite a project going on in Arizona. We had our driveway, walkway to the front door, walkway around the house, side patio and back patio all done with pavers. What a great contest! All had to do was guess the number of pavers that it took to do the job. Congratulations to Corrie Drakulich who chose “4,278″ which was closer than everyone else. Congratulations Corrie. Wait a minute here, we have a protest going. Granddaughter Haley Spahr filed this protest. “I file a protest. I thought a paver was a person that paved things.” So now we have a winner and a protest winner for contest 11.






Contest #12  The year was 2010 and the Los Angeles Lakers are playing the Boston Celtics for the NBA Championship. The contest was to name the total number of points to be scored by both teams during the championship series. This is not an easy task as you don’t know the number of games to be played. It has to be between four games and seven games. Wanda Sheets was the winner out of over forty entries. Her answer of 1,242 points won her $25 from our sponsor, her son, Dr. Michael Sheets.


Contest #13   We drove our pick up and fifth wheel trailer to Montana and back. We enjoyed some side trips along the way. The contest was to determine the total number of miles. Larry Clark was our winner. Congratulations Larry, you came within 6.7 miles. WOW !!! His winnings were $25.

Contest #14  Elene Sheets was able to guess the closest to the number of the Dow Jones at closing time on Tuesday, September 14, 2010. The close was 10,526.49. You would think with that kind of knowledge, she would be not only rich but extremely famous. Sorry about the rich but you can be famous here on the Winners’ Wall.


Contest #15  This was a great contest! To win this contest you needed to pick the winner of the Oregon vs Oregon State Football Game. There were three steps to win. First, Sandy McCoychoose the winning team then pick the total final score (both team’s scores added together) plus lastly, guess the total number of yards of both teams added together. Just in case we still don’t have a winner we always revert to Rock, Paper, Scissor. In this contest Jan Oberg and Sandy McCoy tied with the score but Sandy won with the closest to the total number of offensive yards gained by both teams. You Go Girl……

Contest #16  Oregon vs Auburn in 2011 for the National Championship. Most, nearly all, my friends chose Oregon. Not Dick Jacobsen, he picked up a quick $25 by picking Auburn and was closest to the final score and total yards. Congratulations Dick. Next year, “Go Ducks”!

Bob Shields

Contest #17  Bob Shields picked the Green Bay Pacers to win Super Bowl XLV.

Screenshot 2016-08-06 14.24.26

Contest #18 This contest was to name Gary and Sandy’s Monaco motor home. Monaco is a French name and Sharon Spahr’s most creative winning entry wasJoyeux Heure” (which is French for Happy Hour). Sharon you are my favorite winner!

Contest #19  Dean Hermanson won with the best golf story.  “The first time I played golf with my new Screenshot 2016-08-05 20.02.41hearing aides I had to remove them because there was too much noise. Several weeks later, I was playing in the men’s club with a member I had never played with before. I was not wearing the hearing aids. After the first hole I returned to his cart. He asked, “What did you have asshole?” I gave him my score but was a bit miffed by his name calling. We finished the second hole and again he asked, “What did you get asshole?” Now I was pissed. I asked him what was with him calling me an asshole? He gave me that bewildered look and asked what was I talking about. I said you keep asking what did you have asshole. He replied, “I asked what did you have last hole?” I now where my hearing aids.

Contest #20  Larry Jacobsen corrected picked Giants to win over the Patriots for Super Bowl XLVI. Larry not only had to pick the winnLarry Jacobsener, he also had to pick the ending score and as the second tie breaker, he had to pick the half time score. Sandy also had the correct team and correct score BUT her half time score let her down. Go job Larry.

Contest 21  The 2012 NCAA Basketball tourney. The contest was to pick Screenshot 2016-08-06 14.49.22the winning team from the final four. Bev was one of many that picked Kentucky to come out on top. Even more she was closest to the total score of both teams added together. Bev Lloyd took home the $25 prize.

Screenshot 2016-08-06 15.06.29Contest #22  Miami and Oklahoma City faced off for the 2012 NBA seven game finals. The contest was to a.) pick the winning team, b.) pick the number of games to be played and c.) pick the total final score of the last game. Karlen Clark was one of 23 people that chose Miami. The other 26 people chose Oklahoma City. Karlen’s choices of Miami, five games and 214 total points gave her the $25 purse. Great job Karlen!

Contest #23  The Civil War, Oregon vs Oregon State in football isScreenshot 2016-08-06 15.25.49 always a great game. For this contest, you need not pick a winner. To win you need to pick the total number of offensive yards gained by both teams added together. Scott Koepping took home the $25 prize by selecting 968.5 yards. His entry was the closest to 963 actual number. Now let’s all enjoy the look of a winner.

Contest #24  Stacy started a very small brewery. This contest was to give its  name. There wScreenshot 2016-08-06 16.34.43ere 72 entries with a multitude of choices for him to choose from. BUT he didn’t particularly like any of them. BUT he did like the results when he put two of them together. So he chose his mother’s and his uncle’s and put them together for Secure Future Tap Room. So congratulations Sharon Spahr and Mike Sheets. What a brother-sister team you two make! Sharon, you are still my favorite winner!

Contest #25  This was the first and only to date “limited” contest. In order to enter this contest you needed to be a part of the game of Left, Right, Center that w25e had just had a day or two before. Bev won $54 playing the game. The contest was to name her reaction to winning. Bob Sullivan, once again, came out with the winning name, “Sexy Senior Wins Pole Dancing Competition”. So here is a photo of the winning Bob with his pole dance partner.


Contest #26  NBA Championship between the Miami Heat and the San Antonia Spurs, the winner needed to a. pick the winning team, b. pick the number of games it would take to win and c. pick the total number of points scored by both teams in the series. Gary McCoy picked the winning team, picked seven games and was almost spot on with the total number of points. Gary should have been in Vegas instead of collecting only the $25 win.

Duane & JudyContest #27  The prize for this contest was the usual $25 and picture on Winners’ Wall plus two tickets to the upcoming back yard concert at our home in Oregon. The contest was to name our upcoming concert. Out of the 45 entries, Judy and Duane Kent’s were chosen as the very best. Their winning entry was, “Concert in the Sky”.


Contest #28  This should have been an easy guess and go  contest. It was to guess the date and time I would be discharged from the hospital. I was going in for an Esophagectomy surgery. My plan was to be out in three or four days. Well 27 days later I was discharged from the hospital. Sue Shields was our big winner out of all those that took a stab at guessing. Sue only missed it by 19 days.

Screenshot 2016-08-07 07.35.33Contest #29  Bill and Bob are texturing the ceiling of Bob & Cathy’s Arizona home. As Bob is holding up a sheet to protect the wall, Bill cannot resist and shoots texture right in Bob’s crotch. The contest was to name the photo. Ed Hoffman was the winner with “No big deal; sheet happens!”, We just had to have a second place on this contest as Enya Barbado, foreign exchange student from Spain, wrote: Screenshot 2016-08-07 07.37.15 “Folding granny’s panties.” for a second place win.

Screenshot 2016-08-07 08.10.38Contest #30  Another Super Bowl Contest. This one was between Seattle and Denver. We had 50 people enter. To enter you needed to a.) pick the winning team b.) pick the number of field goals, then c.) chose the total score of both teams added together. Congratulations Linda Myers. Out of the 50 entries, Linda, you and Seattle both  are winners.Screenshot 2016-08-07 09.43.22

Contest #31  Stacy purchased a drone to fly up high and take some great photos. Naturally, we had to have a name for his new toy. Forty-four people gave their most creative entries. Jim and Carol Jacobsen won with their name of “Spahrship Stacy”. Congratulations Jim and Carol. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

Screenshot 2016-08-07 09.51.23

Contest #32  Out of forty-eight entries, Mike’s was selected as the best of the best. The contest was to put a caption on a photo of a statue of Marilyn Monroe. The photo showed some repair workers fixing the statue of her standing over the grate with the wind blowing her dress up. Mike Sheets’ entry was: “And my mother always warned me to wear underwear in case I got in an accident.”

Contest #33  Our first contest where we had three potential winners narrowed to one by the famous system of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The contest was to name the number of paying attendees to our Concert in the Sky. The actual number of attendees was 95. We had enScreenshot 2016-08-07 10.12.44trees from a low of 73 to a high of 163. Judy Howell and Mike Sheets both picked 94 while Jill Anderson picked 96. Three way tie, until Judy won with her skills at Rock, Paper, Scissors. I think Judy had been practicing.

Screenshot 2016-08-07 10.37.20Contest #34 Name my pick up truck. It is a 2007 Dodge Ram, four door, dually. Out of 54 entries, Chris Murphy picked up the prize with the name “Ram Butter”.

 Contest #35 Just pick the winner of the World Series 2014. Well pick the winner and then pick the number of games it will take to select a winner. And then pick the total number of runs scored in the enScreenshot 2016-08-07 10.52.05tire series. Sounds easy. It was for Dick Jacobsen. He predicted the series to be won by the San Fransisco Giants in seven games with a total number of runs of 49. San Francisco did win and they won in seven games with a total number of runs scored by both teams was 57. Great job once again, Dick.

Marti Contest #36  The 2015 Rose Bowl featured Oregon vs Florida State. Out of the 56 entrants, Marti Park not only picked Oregon to win but picked it with a total score of 79 which won her the $25 prize. Her guess for total yards was 785. The actual total yardage for both teams added together was 1160. Nice job Marti!

Contest #37  The NBA Championship between the Golden Sta38te Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The contest was to name the winning team, the number of games to win and the total number of points scored in the championship series. Congratulations not only to the Golden State Warriors  but also to Bob Sullivan for being the winner of Contest #38. Bob also won contests #3b, #5 and #25. That makes him a four time winner.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 04.05.18 Contest #39  Mike sent us a picture of Elene reaching into a trash can at the airport. I think she had dropped something in there by mistake but you sure can’t tell that by the picture. It turned out to be a great contest just put a caption by the photo. It caught quite a few people’s imagination as we had 65 entries. Out of the sixty five, Matt McCoy’s was selected as the best. His entry was: “WARNING: Trash Cans Contain Hazardous Materials Know To Cause Abnormally Large Breasts”. He then donated his $25 to Face in the Mirror.

Contest #40  First of all we decided to make this contest a tad bit special by raising theScreenshot 2016-08-08 04.41.38 prize to $40 for the 40th contest. The contest was to choose either the Kansas City Royals or the New York Mets to win the 2016 World Series. Again you needed to pick the winner, pick the number of games to be played and select the number of runs scored in the series. We had 18 people think the Royals would win and 21 people picked the Mets. Out of all those people, Roger Capps was the only one to say it would end in five games. Which it did. He also picked Kansas City. Best of all, he too, donated his winnings to Face in the Mirror.

Screenshot 2016-08-08 04.57.22Contest #41  Pick the Super Bowl Fifty winner between the Denver Broncos and the North Carolina Panthers. Pick the winner, pick the total score and pick the total yards. WOW! That’s a lot to ask. Ed Hoffman did it. He chose Denver with a total score of 38 and total yardage of 710. That earned him the prize of $25 which he immediately donated to Face in the Mirror. Beyond that his generosity prompted the people at our home watching the game to also donate their winnings for an additional $50 donations. Congratulations Ed on your win but more so on your leadership of generosity.

Contest #42 This was a limited contest open only a few friends in the Sun Lakes area. It was limited so that the views of the Super Full Moon would be taken from the same area. The contest was to enter one entry of a favorite picture of the Super Moon. Editing was allowed. Cathy Sullivan won the contest with a picture of the moon and a reflection of it in one of the lakes in Sun Lakes.