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Sharon & Terry


We are returning to the electronic world in the form of a website. Returning after several months away. Let us warn you right up front that neither one of us very savy using WordPress. So bear with us as we quickly slowly become competent.

For years we used iWeb by Apple to publish our website. Ignoring the fact that Apple no longer supported that application, we continued to publish knowing that an end would be in sight.

Around six months ago, “BANG” it happened. When we upgraded to the newest operating system we lost iWeb.

Now the fun began as Terry fumbled for months selecting a web site builder. Next step in this long arduous process was to learn how to use WordPress.

If we are successful in this venture, it will become a two-way communication device. For that to happen, you will need to do your part by responding to us via email.

Looking forward to hearing from you as we continue thisĀ STILL LEARNING process.